So, I'm beginning a project with a musician friend of mine, Ryan Laperle (, with a little help from kickstarter. Heard of it? It's a great opportunity for us to make some good art and create a year long project all centered around the idea of harvesting through the seasons.


We are working together to “harvest” our own unique talents to bring together both the visual and auditory arts.  We're setting out to create four EP albums with original artwork. Each album will be released around its respective seasonal equinox with a live musical performance from Ryan as well as a gallery showing of my album artwork all for your viewing and listening pleasure (lucky you!).

The growth and change of ideas is fundamental to our arts as well as to our lives.  We want to be able to represent the constant changes and beautiful transitions that take place in not only the natural world around us, but the changes that take place in our lives, music, art and community. The concept that “it takes a village” is something that not only resonates with us as local artists but within our goals for the community at large. To celebrate the coming together to make change, to support ideas, and to cultivate beauty in our world is the driving force in our year long project.

For more information on how you can be a part of this project, check out our KickStarter page: